We are Pastors George and Sharon Billington.  We are skilled, trained Christian counselors who have helped many believers to move forward spiritually regardless of life’s hard times. 

We delight in guiding believers to make needed changes so that life can be spiritually productive and enjoyable. 

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See you there!

6 Responses to About

  1. LF6 says:

    Nice blog, thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. Godspeed 🙂


  2. karenzai says:

    Dear George and Sharon, thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my latest post! It means a lot to me to hear my insights affirmed by trained Christian counselors. I am now following your blog!

    If you like my insights and reflections as a Christian sufferer of depression, would you consider writing a short recommendation for my blog? I have recently created an “Endorsements” page, and it would be an honor to have your support. 🙂

    In Christ,


    • Hi Karen,
      We are glad we could minister to and encourage you and look forward to doing so as God leads. One thing you might want to think about is whether you are being too hard on yourself about things you see in yourself that need changing. That’s not somethiing you have to do alone or on your own power. You can ask God for help and leading to make changes he wants you to make when He wants you to make them. He stands ready to help and is kinder and gentler towards us all than we truly are to ourselves sometimes.

      In His love and service,
      Pastors George and Sharon

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  3. RobbyeFaye says:

    I wanted to thank you, in a small way, for your encouragement through your blog.
    I have nominated you for the WordPress family Award for all you have meant to me and other bloggers.
    If you don’t accept awards, I understand. I just wanted you to know you are appreciated.
    God’s Blessings!

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