How to tell the difference between spiritual truth and spiritual error

Have you ever heard something from the pulpit that doesn’t fit with what you know is doctrinal or biblical?  Have you ever read a teaching online that has lots of words and scripture references and yet does not ring spiritually true?  I know both have happened to me, and I know these things sent me before God’s throne for help to know what He wants me to do in these situations.  The answers may surprise you.

Just today, a colleague of mine posted what I know to be biblically untrue and inaccurate. It hurt, literally hurt me to see that she actually assumed something that’s not implicitly stated in God’s word.  Like you’ve seen me say numerous times, false premises lead to false conclusions.  When I shared my distress with my husband, he affirmed that what she said is not biblically true or accurate.  Then he asked, “Does this have anything to do with our salvation?”  Nope.  I began to feel better but really sorry for those who would be falsely led to accept what she writes as truth.

We spiritual leaders are accountable to God for what we  do and don’t say or preach.  The last thing I would want to do is cause one or more of you to have a wrong understanding of how God does things and what following Jesus and living His way means.  That’s why I have encouraged you through the years to compare what I say to what God’s absolute truth, the Bible, says.  Please, please where there is a question, continue to do so.  If you have a concern or question as to what I say, please message me privately, and we will prayerfully address your concern together.

Jesus told His followers that God the Holy Spirit will lead us into the truth about Him and His way.  Let’s all call upon God the Holy Spirit to grant us the wisdom and discernment we need to separate spiritual truth from spiritual error.  Only the church Jesus began is filled with pure spiritual truth, and it is into that church Jesus will place all of us who are His regardless of denomination, whether it be Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal and so on.  All denominations contain spiritual error, spiritual truth and doctrines of men.  No denomination has all the answers.  Only God does, and He lets us know His  truth in various ways, which include scripture and direct revelation.

Pastor G and I belonged to a fellowship for over 20 years that had much doctrinal error .  We compared the doctrines with the bible and saw God’s truth.  We kept it to ourselves for two reasons:  1.  We would have been thrown out of the fellowship because we would have been accused of sowing discord and being in rebellion against what the fellowship presented as God’s truth.  2.  We did not feel led to share what we knew at the time.

So, what happened was that God Himself caused events to happen that corrected the denomination’s false doctrines.  Sadly, that caused quite an exodus by brothers and sisters clinging to what they sincerely but wrongly believed was the truth.  Some stayed not wanting to make the changes they needed to make, and others of us embraced the changes for the truth they were and are.

Bottom line, spiritual family, know the truth that set you free and leave it to God to correct those that preach a false truth unless it’s blatantly obvious that others’ eternities with God are at stake.

Be safe and be blessed.


copyright 2016, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved



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