Accepting things I cannot change

I love the serenity prayer and have even written a teaching called “Serenity Prayer Living”.   God has used it to make an impact on many believers’ lives just like it has on mine.  Accepting reality instead of looking at a situation and wanting it to change in spite of all signs pointing to “no”  is a hard thing, but it’s a good thing because it allows a person to move forward with life.  God knows what’s best for us all, and He makes the impossible possible, but that does not always apply to relationships.  Relationships require two willing parties to make them work.

Yesterday, I shared God’s take on dealing with rejection.  I wanted the person who rejected me to read it and took steps to make it happen.  Relationships are not without risk, and I knew full well that I risked what happened after the man read the blog entry would probably occur.  I did it anyway because it was the right thing to do.  Closure is important to me so I can freely move forward without the past clinging to me and holding me back.

Freedom carries a price, and, in this case, it was a door closing.  It hurts, but I am at peace, knowing I did the best I can while honoring who I am and what I need within Godly parameters.  In yesterday’s post, I essentially gave an ultimatum, and I received my answer.  That relative I had not heard from for twenty years and did not respond to me after accepting a friend request followed by brief communication and then prolonged silence unfriended me.  That’s okay.  I would have unfriended him at the end of the month if I hadn’t heard from him.  Sad thing is, he had done this kind of thing once before, but I decided to see if anything had changed.  It hasn’t.

So, God has helped me accept the things I cannot change.  He has also granted me the courage to change the things I can, but that’s another blog post.  Now, I look forward to see how God fulfills His Romans 8:28 promise to those of us who love Him.  I look forward to seeing how He works to make this bad, sad thing into something good.  Part of it has already been accomplished:  My sharing what happened can be encouraging to others enduring impossible, unloving, unkind, or abusive relationships.  If that’s you, please prayerfully accept reality, the things you cannot change, and give the rest to God.  Scripture says Christ learned through suffering, and so do we who follow Him.

Pray with me:  Father God, thanks for helping me live the serenity prayer, which helps me see not only reality but my limits.  Thanks also for helping me to trust that You will not only never leave or forsake me, but You will never reject me.  Thanks for helping me move forward in the life You have given me to live and to leave the past where it belongs.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

copyright 2015, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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