Have you lost your sense of awe?

For the past few months, Pastor G and I have been sharing about, actually lamenting, the loss of awe that we’ve seen when we interact with believers. It’s subtle. They still know God is God and that He created and sustains all there is. They still praise and worship Him corporately and, we pray, privately.

Several months ago, I was blessed to share how God restored most of my hearing loss while I was praising my brains out during worship services. I did nothing unusual nor did I expect Him to bless me this way. It’s amazing to experience His love and power so personally. Here’s the thing: when I shared what happened with the congregation, they were happy for me, and some came up to me to share how glad they were. What was missing was giving God praise and glory. There was no enthusiasm after my sharing in a congregation that has been known to say “Hallelujah” and “Praise God” out loud during worship services. Where was the awe, the sense of wonder for God doing what the medical community said for over sixty years was and is physically impossible?

Brothers and sisters, people are still awed when God manifests Himself and embraces some (I hate the term slain in the spirit). They are in awe when people are immobilized during this experience and are then released having been spiritually changed and rejuvenated. People are in awe when there is a manifestation like I heard about years ago called “Holy Smoke”, which supposedly appeared during worship services at a distant fellowship and people literally traveled hundreds of miles to witness it. And, yet, people were not in awe when I shared God’s miracle for me.

Have we become so jaded that God’s wonders seem commonplace? Have we become so spiritually complacent that God and His power seem commonplace? What’s going on with us?

Recently, I was led to write a post about the 10 virgins. Note that they were all alerted that the bridegroom was coming, and they all brought their lamps. Five lamps were full, and the other five were lacking. What about you? Is your lamp full so that Jesus will invite you to the marriage supper? Or will you be left out because you were not fully equipped?

How is your prayer life? Does it have the sense of connection to God or is it just a habit you maintain? How about bible study? Is that an ingrained spiritual practice or do you eagerly search God’s word for more of Him and His truth and His way of life and love?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ways of this world. 2Timothy 3:1-5 speaks about brethren and not unbelievers, yet it’s hard to distinguish between the two because the focuses and attitudes are the same. There’s a reason we need to constantly examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. Have you done an awe check lately?

Let’s pray: Father God, sometimes those that are Yours are unaware of losing the sense of awe and wonder regarding You and how you are and do things. Perhaps that’s what scripture means when it says we have lost our first love. Help us all to regain that sense of awe and wonder that, yes, a little child has when its parents do things it can’t. Help us to be on fire for You and to leave any spiritual complacency we now have behind. Help us to use the spiritual tools You have given us. Help us to fast to become close to You. Help us to pray so that we truly connect to and communicate with You. Help us to be in the word so that it indeed is written on our hearts. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

copyright 2014, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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We are partners in marriage and ministry and are anointed and ordained by God to help believers endure to the end and to help believers live His love.
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5 Responses to Have you lost your sense of awe?

  1. jasmine says:

    I must say, I agree a lot with this post. There are many people I know who either praise too much even for simple things that were most likely the cause of the universe. Then there are others who claim to follow God and praise him but never thank him for anything or are ever in shock by him when they should be. However, I know what its like to have restored health due to miracles; so I feel your emotions from this post. If after sharing; and no one had said anything about the obvious- I’d be pissed too. I did want to ask: Did you have any medical treatments in any kind to restore your hearing? Because if so, some new-age-y people might say ‘you should be thanking doctors and science.’ If not, then shame on the people in your congregation who were not in awe! Restoring hearing to me is an amazing miracle. Thank you God for restoring Sharons hearing 🙂 Now when I visit her in the future, she can hear me and George talk about the worlds best beers and ciders ❤


    • Hi Jasmine. Thanks for your response. I wasn’t angry. I was saddened at the lack of praising God. And, yes, I had been to doctors early in my life, and they said there was nothing they could do to restore my hearing. Nerve deafness is not fixable like bone conduction deafness is.

      The point is that I think people have become spiritually complacent the longer they are God’s. Scripture says we have lost our first love, and so we have lost that sense of awe and wonder regarding God and His marvelous works.

      Oh, and you are welcome in my home any time. Just when did you plan this visit for?


      • jasmine says:

        I agree with losing our first sense of awe. But that’s because; a first time of everything is always more precious and mentally stronger than the times after. It’s the human brain that functions that way. Like canoe-capsizing for the first time is scary and fun. After a while- it becomes common. I do my best to remember the first time I sensed God ; so I can be thankful for new situations etc =]

        And once i have a full time job with savings- you are mine and Ryans’ third holiday. Sorry you’re third xD. First is Isle of Wight, then Greece, then you, Then Vatican. Those are either our favourite places or where we have always wanted to go but couldn’t.

        Which reminds me, Ryans eldest uncle just became a priest. He trained at Vatican. He loved it over there so much he didn’t want to come back to the UK. I don’t blame him! But he was offered a priests position in Birmingham (England) so he accepted it =]


      • Well, so nice to know we are on the list. Really, how could we compete with the first two?

        The Vatican is an amazing place to visit. You and Ryan will appreciate it, interestingly enough, from different perspectives.

        Have a wonderful day in Him.


  2. Gisela Liranza says:



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