God is a calculated risk taker

Did you ever think about God being a risk taker?  He created us with the freedom to choose Him or not.  He also created the angels with the freedom to make choices and, sadly, satan and those that followed him committed the unpardonable sin.  For them, there is no turning back to God.


God created us to love us, to be in relationship with us now and for eternity.  He waits for us to return that love and relationship in this life so He can see whether He wants us around for eternity.  He wants no satan repeats. 


So, your challenge is this:  will you validate God’s risk by embracing Jesus as Lord and Savior and follow Him while living His way of life?  Do you choose Him just like He has chosen you?


Praise God for being a risk taker.  Pastor G and I join those who appreciate His risk and return His love with ours.  How about you?


copyright 2014, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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We are partners in marriage and ministry and are anointed and ordained by God to help believers endure to the end and to help believers live His love.
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2 Responses to God is a calculated risk taker

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Good post, Sharon. And an excellent statement of spiritual fact. The Lord is indeed a risk taker, and so are all of His children.


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