Christian Love, The Unity That is Christ, and Respect

We here on WordPress are so blessed to be able to interact with others who have various spiritual experiences. Some follow Jesus, and some don’t. Pastor G and I are here to share what we know and believe and to encourage Jesus’ followers who are having a hard time in life to cope and live God’s way.

What concerns me is the insistence on the part of some that their way is the only valid way and that all spiritual experiences must be mirrored by their own. That’s a common mistake many make. God is a God of unity and not division. Pastor G and I don’t have to be right. Your experience with God can differ from ours and still be valid. There’s no need to attack and accuse when you don’t agree with posts intended to help you think about what it means to follow Jesus and live His way . There’s no need to sow discord among brethren just because your experience with God differs from mine.

Respect is part of loving your neighbor as yourself. You may not respect me personally, and I am okay with that, but please respect the office God ordained me to as a spiritual leader. When you disrespect that office, you disrespect God, and He is not okay with that at all. Ultimately, it’s all about love. Love towards God, love towards others and love towards yourself. Consider if you attack and accuse when you disagree with what’s shared, you are not being loving and creating a bond of unity but creating a barrier of division. In essence, you are saying that you are the standard and not God.

God meets each of us where we are, and that means that He doesn’t always do the same thing the same way. All of us have different personalities and life experiences, and God acts accordingly because He has the end result in mind: that we develop that bond with Him, that relationship with Him in this life that will continue for eternity. You know that I am in a recovery process from the effects of extreme abuse. God hasn’t corrected me or chastised me like He does others. That would make God an abuser in my mind if He did so, and He doesn’t want that. What He has done with me and others who have been abused is bless us in spite of our wrong choices. His dealing with me in this manner has resulted in my trusting Him to show me where I need to change and not expect to be hurt by Him in the process. Others from more functional backgrounds have had different experiences in terms of God’s discipline. Their experience is just as valid and effective for them as mine has been for me.

Can we bond together in the unity that is Christ and respect the differences in our individual life experiences? Can we reach out in love and not discord? If we don’t get along now, what’s going to happen for eternity? God’s way is peace. May we all be instruments of His love and peace. That’s today’s encouraging word.

copyright 2013, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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We are partners in marriage and ministry and are anointed and ordained by God to help believers endure to the end and to help believers live His love.
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4 Responses to Christian Love, The Unity That is Christ, and Respect

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Very good message. Thanks. All real believers have suffered some form of religious abuse. It goes with territory. The Lord was killed by religious idiots in love with money and power who were threatened by His truth and love.


    • Hi RJ,
      Thanks for your comment about the post. Unfortunately you are right in stating that all real believers have suffered some form of religious abuse. That’s probably because we follow God and not man or denomination.

      I especially love when you said “The Lord was killed by religious idiots in love with money and power who were threatened by His truth and love.” Please keep on being the you God created and empowered.

      Pastor Sharon


  2. xthumbelina says:

    This post is towards someone who has clearly said something rude which was unnecessary. I love how calm you stay and write a blog on it. I would have started swearing at them and stating everything they are doing wrong in life haha. A bit obvious I’m not THAT loving yet =] x


    • God keeps changing us all into the love that He is. If this post resonates with one or more who need a perspective adjustment, it will have served its purpose. I am glad it ministers to those who have been spiritually disrespected and abused. So many times, believers tend to want others to be like they are as opposed to celebrating the diversity that is God’s unity.

      Hugs, hugs, hugs,
      Pastor Sharon


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