Anger, God and Me

Today I got angry at a vendor. It was justifiable, and typical of me, I both contained my fury and expressed my displeasure. Also typical of me, after I vented to my ever-patient other half, it was over, and I was free to move on with the rest of the day. The question is, did I sin by getting angry?

I thought about that. We follow Jesus, who is God. God gets angry. Scripture speaks about His wrath. Jesus also got angry at the Pharisees and those that defiled the temple courtyard by conducting business there. We know Jesus was without sin, and He indeed got angry.

God led me to look at the following scripture:

Ephesians 4:26
New King James Version (NKJV)

26 “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath,

The context of this verse is being Godly and not carnal. So, what does it mean to be angry and not sin? I believe it means not to accuse anyone but to state how you feel appropriately, which is in anger in this case. satan accuses, and that’s not the path I choose to follow. I was annoyed with how the two reps handled my question, and I let them know it. So, with that understanding, God is okay with that.

I also didn’t let the anger fester but released it soon after the incident. That led me to wonder about holding grudges, which is surely anger-related as is unforgiveness. The carnal me indeed held grudges. You could say I was carefully taught to do so by my mother, who was a champion grudge holder. It made her angry and bitter. I marvel at the personal transformation in me once God began changing me internally. I am no longer angry and bitter. Oh, I have a temper, and I have my moments, but that’s all they are: fleeting moments. God has also taught me to forgive. I realized that while the two reps did do things wrong, they were hampered by a computer system that was giving them trouble. So, I can be merciful, which leads to forgiveness, which leads to spiritual love. God’s way is just plain beautiful in contrast with my old carnal me.

I just felt led to share this process with you for you to remember the next time you get angry. I pray these words encourage you and minister to you.

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