How are you at walking on water with Jesus?

One of my favorite scriptures is the story in Matthew 14:22-33 when Jesus walked on water to be with the disciples in the middle of the sea. The men were afraid when they saw Him defying nature and gravity. Jesus invited Peter to come Him, but I know Christ would have been fine if the others joined Peter in this physically impossible adventure.

I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my spiritual life that I have been encouraged to participate in the impossible and I did, knowing the Lord was with me. I also confess with embarrassment that I, like Peter, at times started out with my eyes on Jesus and did what was humanly impossible only to, like Peter, look at the circumstances and start to sink because I took my eyes off the One who transcended the circumstances. Yes, He always raised me up just like He raised Peter up, but how easy it is to focus on what is humanly or physically impossible as opposed to what God makes possible because He transcends the physical.

I have always admired Peter, impetuous though he was, simply because he embraced an experience the other disciples were afraid to. I guess that’s because it’s something Pastor G and I do regularly as well, and even though we may be somewhat afraid, we still move forward. We do fine for a while until realization of physical reality sets in. That’s when we call out to God to save us from sinking just like Peter did. He always does, and we are strengthened to be able to do what is physically and humanly impossible yet again.

Some of you face seemingly physically impossible situations. I have read your blogs and admire your wonderful attitudes of perseverance. You have my prayers and support that these attitudes and trust in God to do what you cannot do yourselves will become a reality for you in His perfect timing, plans and purpose for your life. No matter how long it takes and whatever it takes, don’t take your eyes off Jesus. Then you will walk on water just like Peter did. It’s your yielding to God plus God’s power that makes these things happen. That’s today’s encouraging word.

copyright 2013, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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