Forgiveness, Unforgiveness and You

Below is a quote from Joyce Meyer, a wonderful woman of God who has many things to share. She has recovered from abuse and personally knows the role that forgiveness plays in that recovery. If you have trouble forgiving, ask God for help. I did, and He engineered a situation where I found it impossible not to forgive my abuser. I had the blessing of praying her home at the end of her life.

Forgiveness is a gift we give, releasing the person who hurt us from the bondage of owing us something that only God can truly give. But we also give this gift to ourselves when we release the weight of holding on to an offense. That’s a really heavy burden, especially when the other person is going on with their life and may not even know-or care-what you’re feeling. Remember, our unforgiveness hurts us more than it does anyone else.

Joyce Meyer

Let’s pray: Father God, I am stuck in unforgiveness and need Your help to be set free. I am like the desperate father who wanted his son healed by Christ and responded to Christ’s question if he believed He could heal. The father said, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief”. In the same way, I want to forgive and I may even be able to do so partially, but I need Your help to forgive completely. Help me to give the situation into Your hand to resolve as You see fit according to Your will and timing. Thanks for helping me break free so that I can move forward in spiritual newness of life to be and do what You have for me to be and do. May Your granting me the gift of forgiveness contribute greatly to my becoming emotionally and spiritually whole. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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4 Responses to Forgiveness, Unforgiveness and You

  1. xthumbelina says:

    What if the abuser is not sorry for what they have done and even deny it.
    If they go on about their lives thinking their actions were correct, should they deserve forgiveness?
    You can’t forgive someone till they ask you for your forgiveness and apologise for what they have done.


    • Good questions. My abuser never asked me for forgiveness and yet God convicted me that if I didn’t forgive others for what they did against me, God wouldn’t forgive what I did against Him. So, you see, forgiveness is about you and not about the abuser. It’s about setting you spiritually and emotionally free from who or what hurt you.

      Your abuser may never change how he or she thinks. Yet, you can still forgive the person and leave judgment and justice where it belongs: with God. He says that vengeance is His, and He will repay. Your forgiving your abuser in no way removes God’s judgment upon him or her.

      So, I pray you can see that apologies are unnecessary. Realize that as a child of God, you didn’t deserve His forgiveness, either, and yet He freely bestows it. We model Christ in all things including forgiveness. Ask God to help you forgive. I look forward to hearing about how emotionally and spiritually released you will feel.

      Hugs and blessings,
      Pastor Sharon


      • xthumbelina says:

        hmm I do like the sound of that. Well if I can ever forgive, i’ll leave the rest to God.

        Thank you =]


      • That’s the thing. By yourself, it’s very unlikely that you can forgive. It’s when you ask God to help you forgive that it happens. God’s specialty is miracles, and you need Him to work positive spiritual changes in you.

        After you ask His help, leave the situation with Him to address according to His will and timing. You will be amazed when it happens!

        Pastor Sharon


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