Do You Rend Your Heart or Your Garments?

There’s a scripture that God placed in our hearts yesterday, and it’s one that all would do well to spiritually consider. It’s Joel 2:13 and says not to rend your garments but to rend your hearts. What is the difference between rending your heart and rending your garment? Why is rending your heart so much more important to God?

Those of us who follow Jesus and live His way of life hopefully also follow the lead of God the Holy Spirit. It is He who, among many other things, acts as our spiritual conscience and convicts us of the need to change or, as scripture puts it, repent. God the Holy Spirit is in the process of transforming us daily from the inside out, but we have a part to play, too. We need to recognize the thoughts that don’t belong in our minds (the bible says hearts) and choose to make the changes we need to make so that our lives are compatible with Jesus’s teachings and way of life.

It means we need to have a genuine, godly sorrow over the things we need to change, so much so that they have no value to us as opposed to the things God wants in our minds (hearts). For example, read Paul’s suggestions in Philippians 4:8.

Want to change but find yourself slipping and even backsliding? That just means you are doing things on your own power. Know that God is pleased with your desire and attitude to make needed spiritual changes, but also know that He is here to help you do what you cannot do for yourself. Ask for His help and receive it when He gives it. After asking for that help, just go your way and know that God will indeed help you change what you want and need to change according to His perfect timing, plan and purpose for your life.

Briefly, rending your garment is but a physical act that shows grief but no real change. Rending your heart is another matter altogether. That’s an indication of spiritual change, growth and maturity.

Pastor G and I pray that you listen to God the Holy Spirit’s leading in your mind. He wants to help you be more like God, and He is here to guide, encourage and help your Christian walk so that the ultimate goal can be realized. One day, you will truly be in God’s image: love.

copyright 2013, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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We are partners in marriage and ministry and are anointed and ordained by God to help believers endure to the end and to help believers live His love.
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