Living Water, Baptism and You

Lately God has had Pastor G and me focus on baptism and what it means symbolically. That led us on a journey that is yet incomplete, but I feel led to share some things with you and listen to what God leads you to see. Please feel free to comment.

First, baptism took place in moving water like in a brook or a stream or one of its outlets. The water could not be stagnant. Ever wonder why? Baptism stems from the old Jewish custom of mikveh, or ritual bath. One of the purposes of those baths was to cleanse or purify people not only from sin but from their old lives if they were converting to Judaism. The fact that the water was living or moving was never addressed in any writings including Jesus’ offer of living water to those that believe. Living water is never the same. Currents vary as does the amount of the water itself. You can walk into deeper water in a river or stream, and you can surely ask for more of God and all that He is in your life. The currents act to remove the things that don’t belong. They are fresh and clear. There is indeed a very understandable connection between choosing how much we are and do for God and how much He blesses us with Himself.

Living, or moving water, signifies the amount of God’s spirit within us at various times. Like with salvation, which is the beginning of a lifelong spiritual process, being baptized signifies the beginning of that same lifelong spiritual process as well. We rise up in newness of life, cleased from our past and looking towards our spiritual future. It’s fascinating to understand that the same “now what?” that exists after baptism exists after initial salvation. That “now what” entails continuing to follow Jesus and live His way of life while seeking to grow in grace and spiritual knowledge.

Christians are always in a process of spiritual change and growth. We are being transformed daily by yielding to the ministrations and leading of God the Holy Spirit. Have you made your living water connection today?

©2013, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to Living Water, Baptism and You

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Thanks for a good post on water baptism. If you are interested, I wrote an article about NT baptism available here:


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