Attitude Adjustment: The Huge Difference Before and After Conversion


Have you ever wondered how it is that there’s a before and after in your life?  That is, a before being a Christian and after being a Christian?  Have you ever wondered what makes the difference in you personally? 

Think about it:  I don’t know about you, but before God called me, I was downright hostile towards Him.  I was heavily involved in the occult and some witchcraft and worshipped money and was focused on building my career and personal fortune.  I remember full well those days of working 12-18 hour days and listening to the car radio in between appointments.  One of my favorite shows was about money and investing, and I looked forward to my daily “dose”.  One day that show was preempted by a broadcast from the founder of a fellowship I was later to belong to.  I am embarrassed to even think about the rude, disrespectful language that escaped my lips day after day.  Somehow, I didn’t turn the dial but I didn’t listen, either.  I just vented, and boy, did I vent!  One day, I started hearing what the guy had to say and began to be intrigued.  Now, I look back and wonder about the change.  Why did I begin to listen when just days before I had been furiously hostile?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about God’s process.  How does He do what He does?  I know now that scripture says that no one can come to Jesus unless the Father calls him.     Why is there such a gap and how is it filled?  What makes the difference between seeking God and being hostile to Him?  

I know the members of the Godhead have agreed roles.  One of the roles of God the Holy Spirit is to oversee the initial salvation process and then guide the believer on his or her spiritual journey.  It must be He, God the Holy Spirit, who miraculously changes a mind from that hostility to curiosity that leads to choosing to follow Jesus and live His way of life and love from that moment on.  All I can think of is that everyone is on satan’s wavelength and subject to his influence.  He is hostile towards God and encourages that in us even when we are unaware of his doing so.  In the same way, God the Holy Spirit must somehow override satan and his influence to transform that hostility to curiosity and then that deep hunger to read, actually devour, scripture and connect with God.  What a change!

That’s what I mean by God’s personal miracle.  For each of us who are His, God worked to change, to transform our minds to seek Him and Him alone. When I began to listen to that broadcast, I had a deep knowing that the man spoke spiritual truth, and I wanted with a passion akin to the prior resistance shared above to know more about that truth and this bible he referred to. That was God the Holy Spirit convicting me. 

God has since blessed me to be part of many spiritual birth processes and to welcome baby brothers and sisters in Christ into His family.  Each person has a testimony about resisting God and then surrendering every area of their lives to Him.  I look forward to hearing how God worked in your life to perform your personal miracle.  Thanks for sharing.

Copyright April, 2013 Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to Attitude Adjustment: The Huge Difference Before and After Conversion

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Good article, and praise God for the process.


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