You, God and the Status Quo

Most don’t realize it, but God is never satisfied with the status quo.  In other words, He is not satisfied with spiritual complacency.  Some seem to think that once they have asked Jesus into their lives and hearts as Lord and Savior that they have arrived and that there’s no more spiritual growth needed.  That’s what the Laodeceans thought, and in the letter to that church in the book of Revelation, God the Holy Spirit says through John that he wishes that they were either cold or hot.  In other words, He is saying that they needed to change from their emotionally comfortable position of spiritual complacency.


Laodecea was a physically wealthy city, and the members of the church were part of the population.  There’s a reason Christ said it was and will be difficult for a rich man to enter God’s kingdom.  Because of wealth and possessions, he is not only otherwise focused but also self-reliant.  That’s why Pastor G and I have encouraged you to live Matthew 6:33 because it changes who you rely on from self to God while focusing on being and doing what is truly important.


If you’ve recognized your spiritual gifts, what have you done with them?  Like with the guy who received one talent in the parable of the Pounds and the Talents, did you just hide them in the ground to return them to God intact or are you like the other two who increased what was originally given?   God wants to see how much we not only value Him but how much we value the blessings, talents and abilities He has given us. 


How changed is your life since you became God’s?  Has your thinking changed?  Have you lived God’s law of love towards Him, others and self?  (Matthew 22:37-40)?  Have you lived Matthew 25:34-40?


The bad news is that every one of us who follows Jesus and lives His way of life falls into spiritual complacency at some point in our spiritual relationship with God.  The good news is that we don’t have to stay that way.  Pastor G and I pray that if these words were meant for you that you make the changes you need to make so that spiritual complacency is something you leave behind from this moment forward.  Ask God for the help you need in restructuring your spiritual life for the better in this way.  He will surely grant you all that you need.

copyright April 2013, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved


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