You Can Make A Difference In A Life

Sometimes we all get weary in well-doing, and it helps to know that our labor of spiritual love does indeed make a difference.  I know what it’s like to plod on daily, basically saying the same thing to the myriads of people God sends across my path.  Then, once in a while, someone tells me that what God has said or done through me makes a difference in their lives.  Like today.  I have been counseling a young woman of Muslim heritage who desires to follow Jesus and live His way of life and love.  Today I asked her if she is ready to ask Jesus into her life as both Lord and Savior, and she said , “Yes!”  She hasn’t yet sent me the return email that she prayed the sinner’s prayer that I sent her, but I look forward to welcoming another spiritual family member with open arms!

So, take heart.  Know that your labor of spiritual love is not in vain.  You never know how you can make a difference in somene’s life.

copyright March 2013, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

About christiancounselorpastor

We are partners in marriage and ministry and are ordained spiritual leaders and skilled, trained Christian counselors who have been God's instruments in making a difference in many believers' lives. God has led us to write an emotional and spiritual recovery workbook for Christians that's been widely praised by respected spiritual leaders like Joni Eareckson Tada. Contact us if you want a copy. We have just a few left from the second printing.
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